Incense No 1


Clark & James Incense No 1 is an easy and timeless way to scent your home with the classic scent of cedarwood. The scent of a gentleman's wool suits hanging in a cedar-walled closet, a hand-hewn old wood cabin, or the deep and smoky scent of a country woodsman.
Open the tin and read your fortune, a glimpse into your future is in every box. Each tin of Clark & James incense contains a fortune inside, a nod to its mystical nature for you to discover when you open it up. Like the fortune cookie of home fragrance, if you will. You also get a series of lucky numbers on each fortune.
Each tin contains 20 cones of No 1 cedarwood incense, and a fortune. Each cone burns for approximately 15 minutes.

Usage instructions: Light the tip of the incense cone and wait 10-15 seconds for it to form an ember. Gently extinguish the flame by blowing or fanning. Place with point facing up in an incense burner or in a non-flammable metal or ceramic bowl or plate, placed on a heat-proof surface. Placing sand or ash in the base of your burner will allow your cones to burn perfectly all the way to the bottom, in one burn. Keep away from small children and pets, never let incense burn unattended.
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