Our Brand:

FERN swimwear is finally available here and in stores around the US and Internationally! Interested in selling FERN at your boutique? Hit us up at swimwear@shopfern.us

Designer and founder Patrixia grew up in the swimwear industry, and has decided to turn her own leaf. FERN’s collections reflect on its name, its silhouettes are timeless and its prints are evolved -- creating a unique blend of inspiration.


FERN officially launched in 2015 during Miami Swim Week, with an eclectic line of Limited Edition Spirit Animals and a collection of unexpected prints, all in variant reversible styles. Its pieces are as versatile as the girl who wears them. Wearing FERN you can go from beach-to-chic in a second. If you are having fun in a bikini, you are wearing the right one. It’s our job to make every #gypsygangster feel good half-naked, so we take the fit of our suits very seriously.

FERN is rooted with love, run by Patrixia and her best friend/right hand/partner-in-crime Gabaccia from the HQ in San Diego, California, where the line is created and produced.


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Our Online Store:

FERN is a conscious lifestyle destination, dedicated to supporting local, and national independent creators. From stationery to body products, swimwear to interior decor, FERN creates a unique blend of what the US has to offer; in terms of design and production. FERN is the ultimate one-stop-shop for products you can feel proud of. 

FERN is curated by Patrixia and her best friend/right hand/partner in crime Gabaccia from San Diego, California, where they also produce the brand of the same name.

Pop Ups:

We love doing pop-ups! Want to host one? Send us an e-mail to hola@shopfern.us

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Our Brick n Mortar:

On June 13th 2015 we were honored to open FERN, our first Flagship/Brick-and-Mortar Store in Leucadia, California! We created a space for brands and artists that we love and who inspire us with their products, and more important, with their values.

*Currently closed + looking for our next location*

Have any leads regarding a location in North County San Diego where FERN could take over the market? Do you want to host a bikini party at your house? Let us know by filling out the form bellow.


Questions about our bikinis' fit? We got you covered! This simple guide will give you tips and tricks for each of our designs.